Suicide : What Drives A Person?

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The topic that I decided to discuss for my final paper is suicide. I feel like suicide relates to my academic and professional pursuits because there is always facts to learn in regards to as far as what drives a person to commit suicide, how to prevent it, and how provide treatment when someone fails such an attempt. I am trying to be an advocate for trouble youth so such information is pertinent to what I am trying to accomplish. It takes a patient and non-bias person to understand that everyone has inner demons that they can’t deal with on their own.
Suicide is usually a permanent solution to problems that are normally temporary. Most people may deem suicide as a cowardly act as the person committing it is trying to hide from the truth or avoiding some particular consequences that may be waiting for them if they stay alive. While this is to be true one must also understand that there are deeper issues and instead of passing judgement on a person one should offer guidance to help the individual prevent this from happening. In my opinion I feel that people who attempt suicide are alone, no one to confine in and afraid to ask for help without being looked down upon.

Marquis, C. & Battilana, J. (2007). Acting globally but thinking locally? The influence of local communities, pg. 5. Communities influencing organizations will always focus on how the tools and mechanisms of institutional theorizing as a way to enhance our understanding of the influence of local
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