Suicide and Dr. R. Essay

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1. I do think Roberta W. is committing suicide because she is trying to kill herself. Definition of suicide is “intentionally kill oneself” and that is what Roberta W. is trying to do to herself. Killing herself is not the best thing for her to do; I know she been suffering a lot for the past years but ending her life just like that is not the right thing to do. A lot of people who has Roberta W. problem try so hard to survive and for her to refuse all hydration just so she can end her life is probably the worst thing she could do to herself. Roberta W. needs to think that a lot of cancer people who has must worse than her tries their best to survive in this world and for her to just end her life just like that is wrong. Another reason…show more content…
The brother could sue Dr. R. because that’s murder in my opinion, for not helping a patient and let them die without any help from the hospital. 3. Yes, it would be morally justified for a surgeon to have provided the hernia surgery because who knows Roberta W. can survive the surgery. If there is no other option to helping Roberta W. hernia the surgeon should try their best and do the surgery. This option is way better than for Roberta W. to just sit there and refusing hydration at least the surgeon tried to help her. If we look at the teleological theory it says “denotes even if the act was wrong but the outcome turned out good then it is considered good.” So I think if surgeon don’t have any more option to help Roberta W.’s hernia they should just do the surgery because in the outcome who knows it can come out good. In case that this surgeon doesn’t do the surgery, there is millions of surgeon who would gladly do the surgery for Roberta W., it is 50/50 chance that she could die or

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