Suicide and the Leading Causes

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Suicide is an epidemic that has always plagued society. The option to take your own life rather than face the reality of living and the world is an option that many people take each year. 38,364 suicides were reported in 2010 alone (Facts and Figures, 2014). That number made suicide the 10th leading cause of death in the United States (Facts and Figures, 2014). The staggering number of people committing suicide made me wonder what kind of genetic predisposition some people may have to carry out such an act.
People who have relatives who have committed or who have attempted to commit suicide are 50% more likely to attempt suicide (Zai, 2012). There could be a simple explanation for this phenomenon, grief. However, the rate of suicide by
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A study done with 60,000 individuals has shown that 5 major illnesses- autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and schizophrenia- share similar genetic risks (Novotney, A., 2013). Four regions were shown to be affected by each of the given disorders. Disruptions in two of the specified genes were of interest towards the researchers. One of them, CACNA1C, has already been linked in connection with bipolar disorder as well as schizophrenia. The second, CACNB2, regulates calcium flow in the brain. CACNB2 is crucial in helping neurons communicate to each other(Novotney, A., 2013). The research showed that the blockage of calcium flow would leave anyone susceptible to any of the five listed illnesses (Novotney, A., 2013).
The ways people commit, or attempt to commit suicide could help determine if it is truly genetic. Many suicide are caused by depression and bipolar disorder,but then there are people that use suicide or attempt suicide as a “cry for help”. These are the people that just need somebody to be there for them to talk to and feel comforted. The people that attempt suicide with no real intentions of dying usually use a method of poisoning or a medication overdose. These methods can usually be easily reversed which is why someone who is only seeking attention would choose this method. The way they would attempt this is to use a concoction of over the counter medications, such as anti-anxiety medications, and alcohol to produce an
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