Suicide in Adolescents

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In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention established that 6.3% of high school students have attempted suicide in the preceding year. Given the lethal consequences of suicide attempts, determining risk factors among adolescents becomes especially important. Generally speaking, psychiatric disorders and substantial psychosocial impairments are known to be associated with suicide attempts. However, previous research attempting to identify specific risk factors in adolescents is somewhat ambiguous. Nonetheless, one thing is consistent. When measuring the risk of an adolescent committing suicide, information must come from a variety of sources and perspectives. These sources may include but are not limited to a clinical…show more content…
However, other psychopathologies did not differ significantly by gender. At the baseline, 37% of adolescents had a history of one suicide attempt, while 39% had a history of two or more suicide attempts. Adolescents with multiple suicide attempts re-attempted 21% of the time during the follow up period, while 14% of those with a single suicide attempt re-attempted during the follow up period. In regards to re-attempting suicide during the follow up period, there was not a significant difference in gender between those with single and multiple suicide attempts. There was a significant interaction of gender with the SIQ-JR. The results of this study showed that higher SIQ-JR scores indicated an increase risk for later suicide attempts for girls. However, the SIQ-JR did not show an association with increased scores and suicide attempts for boys. Therefore, it can be concluded that the SIQ-JR is a reliable measure in predicting suicide attempts among adolescent girls but not for adolescent boys. This study clearly highlights the prevalence of suicide among adolescents and the clinical significance of this problem. Specifically, this study has determined that the SIQ-JR is an effective self report measure for predicting suicide attempts in female adolescents. However, this information limits it’s external validity considering this is only efficient for a select group of adolescents. The severity of psychopathology

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