Suicide in Greenland and Denmark

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The focus on Greenland was chosen because of the folklore story called “Qivittoq” that illustrates a different attitude towards suicide than one is used to. Therefore, it would be interesting to explore whether this folklore story explains suicide in Greenland and how it compares to a country with a historical link to Greenland: Denmark. The countries in focus will be Greenland and Denmark, mainly because of their link through colonisation in the 1700s, but also Greenland is still part of the Kingdom of Denmark today, thus there are still ties connected the two cultures. Therefore, there should be a basis of similarities, as well as some differences between the two. Which leads to the question: How do attitudes towards suicide differ between habitants of Greenland compared to Denmark? The paper will delve into some of the differences between the two countries and then outline some causes for the high suicide rate in Greenland, namely; social and cultural change, alcohol consumption, seasonal variation and “Qivittoq”.

Background Information
Although Greenland is the largest island in the world, it is mostly covered in permanent ice and snow. What is left of this large island is a narrow strip of land by the coasts, where people…

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