Suicide in Prison

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Suicide in Prison

“Suicide is a huge, but largely preventable, public health problem, causing almost half of all violent death in the world, resulting in almost one million fatalities every year and economic costs in the billions of dollars, according to the World Health Organization” (quoted in Pompili & Lester & Innamorati & Casale & Girardi, 2009,1155). According to Kupers (quoted in Heuy & Mculty, 2005, 490) “in the United States, suicide rates among prison inmates are higher than in the general population and suicide accounts for more than half of all deaths in custody”. The “rates of suicide…within prisoner populations have generally increased over the past few decades” (Perry & Olason, 2009, 385). Unfortunately,
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The last category, “Prison factors” (Suto & Arnaut, 2010, 301), indicates issues like, “Moves within the prison” (Suto & Arnaut, 2010, 301) which “led to feelings of depression and reported that it was a contributing factor to their suicidality” (Suto & Arnaut, 2010, 301), especially placement in DSU (isolation) which inmates “had a particularly hard time adjusting to the new conditions” (Suto & Arnaut, 2010, 302). “Employment/activity-related difficulties” (Suto & Arnaut, 2010, 301), such as having a stressful job or in contrast, unemployment, contributed to some inmates suicide desire (Suto & Arnaut, 2010, 302).
When looking at all these factors overall, it is concluded that “these inmates were in distress at the time of their suicide attempts” (Suto & Arnaut, 2010, 307). “The decisions to attempt suicide were preceded by a series of difficulties that drained the inmates’ ability to cope. Inmates overwhelmingly indicated that they wanted to talk about their problems” (Suto & Arnaut, 2010, 307). All these findings lead to the conclusion “that nonmedical solutions that boost inmates’ coping abilities also need to be implemented in any effective suicide prevention program” (Suto & Arnaut, 2010, 307).

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