Suicide or a Well-Reasoned End of Life Decision

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Case Study 2: Suicide or Well-Reasoned End-of –Life Decision? In the case of Jason, the 38 year old gay man with AIDS who is considering a rational suicide, there are several ethical and legal issues that the counselor has to consider in order to effectively continue to treat the client. Jason has disclosed to his counselor that he was considering to stop taking his medications which will ultimately end his life. Upon receiving this information from the client , the counselor has to now consider if he or she has any personal, moral issues, or spiritual belief system about the end -of -life decisions that might conflict with what the client has decided. The counselor should consult with a…show more content…
This will ensure his autonomy in the matter and ultimately in his end of life decision. Jason has been estranged from his family for over a decade and his only social support are the people at he HIV support group. The counselor can try to explore with Jason the possibility of trying to reconnecting with his family. If he is receptive to the idea, she can probably, with his consent, assist him in getting in touch with them. Hopefully, they will be as receptive and want to reconcile. The counselor does not want to do any thing will further depress and stress the client and will must honor the client’s wishes. The issue of confidentially may factor in here. If the terminally ill client decides to hasten his or her death, the counselor has an option to either adhere or to break confidentiality depending on the situation and the law of the state in which he or she is practicing in. ( Standard A.9.c ) In this particular situation, if the counselor feels that Jason would probably benefit from consulting with his physician and she consults with her supervisor she will be with the code of ethics to do so. In the state of Florida, according to the Florida Mental Health Law manual, the counselor has to try to assess the probability that his or her client will commit suicide and decide how to act . (p.177). The important thing here the counselor’s documentation of actions in case there are any liability suit filed against
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