Suicide 's Note By Langston Hughes

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Suicide’s Note Not all poems fall into the category of epic poetry or ballads. Some pieces are short and concise rather than lengthy and elegant. A shorter poem may focus more thoroughly on diction, or the author’s specific choice of words, rather than things such as rhyme scheme or meter. Langston Hughes poem “Suicide’s Note” is a perfect example of this. Because it is only twelve words long, every single word is important and chosen carefully. This poem uses many literary techniques, none more than diction, to achieve its purpose. which is to focus on the split-second decision that is suicide. To begin, Hughes’ uses his diction to create a distinct mood for his poem. For example, when one reads the poem without first reading the title, “The calm, Cool face of the river Asked me for a kiss,” they may create in their own head a calm, positive or happy mood. The words may remind one of summer days at the lake or the beautiful view of a river valley. The author does this on purpose as he wants the reader to be relaxed. With the title, “Suicide’s Note,” attached, however, the mood automatically becomes more solemn. Hughes gives his readers this title because he wants them to understand that this poem has a meaning beyond what can be seen at first glance. Nothing in these lines really reveals a tone, or the author’s attitude toward the subject, which makes the mood that much more more important. The author establishes that his, or anyone’s, thoughts or feelings
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