`` Sula `` : Themes Of Racism And Sexism

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Word Count Racism and Sexism
Throughout Toni Morrison’s novel, Sula, The two themes of racism and sexism are introduced. “The Bottom” is the African American society of which the novel is based off of. The town, itself, seems to even be a symbol of racism since it was only established because of an act of racism. The people in “The Bottom” are subjected to racism on a daily basis, however throughout the novel it becomes clear that even they because racist as well. The racism shown in the comments and actions characters of the novel allow the readers to infer the reason why the town folks, themselves have become similar to the racists they hate. It can be looked as a technique used to survive the harsh and traumatic events that happen in their lives, which is why the racism is still present even at the end of the novel. Nel Wright and Sula peace are the two main characters of the book. Both are African American females who are subjected to racism and sexism because of their gender and race. In the novel, both women are described as complete opposites, which is shown through their friendship. Their friendship is described, because of their differences, to be the perfect balance. In the balance, Nel is depicted as the “good” character since by social norms she is perfect. This is shown through her life choices such as being a mother and a submissive housewife. Sula, on the other hand is far from the norms of her town. Throughout the novel, Sula
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