Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh Leadership

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1. Before we embark in this paper of leadership, a bit of introduction about the leader himself. Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh was born on 29th Mar 1432 at Adrianapolis (a place now known as Adrionaple, in Edirne, Turkey). He was the ruler of Ottoman Empire at the age of 19 and rule for 30 years (1451 – 1481). He died at the age of 49 due to been poisoned by
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This is a very appropriate style for work involving serious safety risks (such as working with machinery, with toxic substances or at heights) or where large sums of money are involved (such as cash-handling). Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh show this style of leadership when first he took over the reign of Ottoman Empire. He emphasis on Islamic Law and ordered to who break it will be punish according to Islam punishment.

9. Charismatic Leadership. A leader that can insert or “injects doses of enthusiasm” to his or her subordinates. The leader in this style describe as “very energetic in driving others forward”. It also define that this style require the leader to have a great responsibility as his or her follower will tied up to his or her presence for success. Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh showed this style when he, during a raid at Constantinople, stood up and raise his voice and said “My men, I am ready to die for Allah cause. Who ever ready to martyr, come and follow me!”. That speech made his soldiers jump into the enemy fortress without fear and fight will all their hearts.

10. Democratic. As the word implies, this style of leadership will see the leader make the final decision base on contribution of ideas of the team in the decision-making process. This style is likely to be most effective when used with skilled, free-thinking and experienced subordinates. Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh implements

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