Sumerian Medicine

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Humankind is perhaps the most resilient species to ever inherit the earth. Its unwillingness to die out has shown both, on the individual level, its most primal instincts and, on the communal level, its superiority to every other species on the planet. Primarily, all living things have the inherent goal of continuing their lives as long and as comfortable as possible. Combined with humankind’s exceptional intuition, innovativeness, and necessity to keep its populations in good health, this leads to something quite remarkable: medicine. Medicine as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is the science of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Subsequently, medicine is very important to mankind and its agenda to continue existing as alive…show more content…
In the ancient times there were prehistoric skulls that were found in Europe and South America that indicated the Neolithic man that was able to trephine or remove disks from the bone and the skull successfully (Info please). Empirical medicine developed in ancient egypt, and involved many drugs still being used today (Info please). In Sumerian medicine the laws of Hammurabi apparently established the code of medical ethics and the code of the hebrews indicated concerns with social hygiene and the prevention of diseases (Info please). In the middle ages there were local epidemics there that followed a series many centuries later in the great plague of the 14th cent. known as the Black Death. During the Middle Ages certain monastic libraries, preserved some very old medical manuscripts (Info please). In europe the first real light on modern medicine had came with the translation of several writings from the Arabic at Salerno, Italy, and through a trade and cultural exchange. The birth of modern medicine consisted of William Harvey using experimental methods, using the demonstration of circulation of blood, and a concept that met with considerable early resistance (Info please). It also consisted of introducing drug digitalis and scurvy being controlled (Info please). We started to see modern medicine beginning…show more content…
One major medical program in Canada is Medicare (Making medicine). Medicare in Canada is a government-funded universal health insurance program that was established by legislation passed in 1957, 1966 and 1984 (Making medicine). The concept of an accessible and already funded publicly hospital isn’t as simple as it looks, and is much more complex than one would think (Making medicine). Not only is a publicly funded accessible hospital complicated but the concept of insurance is just as complex (Making medicine). Over time the Canadian health care system evolved and as this happened, the costs for hospital and medical services started leading citizens, professionals and politicians to argue over whether health care was good socially and not just for another purchasable commodity (Making medicine). As soon as this started happening, citizens starting challenging the system by stating that responsibility must be taken for their own and their family’s health care and they need to go through the process of insurance plans (Making medicine). Citizens also stated that the government should underwrite the costs for Medicare for those who were not financially stable and could not afford Medicare (Making medicine). To this day Medicare is restricted to only the elderly in the United States while with the program in Canada Medicare is
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