Summar of 'The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love, ' by Stephanie Coontz

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Author Stephanie Coontz writes about the ideas of love and marriage through out history in the article “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love.” Early in the article Coontz quotes an early twentieth century author by the name of George Bernard Shaw, who states, “marriage is an institution that brings together two people under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions. They are required to swear that they will remain in that excited, abnormal, and exhausting condition continuously until death do them part.” ( qtd. in Shaw 378) Coontz explains that the ideas of marriage today are, although heart felt, unrealistic and daunting. She reveals
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China is not the only culture to participate in co-wives, women in Botswana and the Cheyenne Indians of the United States both were very fond of having co-wives. The Indian wives felt a certain camaraderie between each other and the Botswana women felt having multiple wives made their work as women easier. Coontz states, today, western society would be appalled at this type of sexual behavior.
Coontz believes that people have always fallen in love, but in the past marriage was more of a business proposal rather than the joining of two people in love. If love was part of marriage it was considered a luxury not an aspect that was needed. Coontz goes on to describe the ideas for love in marriage in the modern western society. She states that the expectations of marriage include the couple having a deep unconditional love chosen for themselves without the influence of others. The couple must put each other first before anyone including family and friends. They must be loyal to one another and share with each other their dreams and ambitions, problems and secrets, and must never take part in infidelity. Coontz goes on to write about how these expectations of marriage have never been more far from the ideas of love and marriage centuries ago. She feels that these rules or beliefs will certainly have an undesirable impact on the expectations people have for a healthy happy marriage.

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