Summaries of Articles on Teaching

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Teaching Article Summaries Elizabeth Green in her article Building a Better Teacher and Amanda Ripley in her article What Makes a Great Teacher?, both examine the qualities and attributes of necessary to become outstanding educator. Green claims that in order achieve academic success it is imperative to have classroom management and content knowledge. Ripley's article discusses research that indicates that the most important variable in education, greater than schools or curriculum, is the teacher. Teach for America places teachers in one of three categories: those who move their students one and a half years or more in one year, those who achieve one and a half to one year of growth, and those who yield less than one year of gains. The question proposed by both articles is how teachers can move their students to achieve the most. Green asserts that teachers need better training in order to be more effective. She points out that there is a disconnect between teacher education curriculum and the realities of teaching in the classroom. Teachers are entering the classroom without the necessary skills and knowledge. In order to be successful it is important to understand not only the content of the curriculum, but also how learners think. This is linked to teacher understanding the root causes of the misconceptions learners form regarding basic concepts and addressing this problem. Students should not be allowed to "opt out"; a teacher should never allow a student to avoid
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