Summaries of Chapter 3-6 of Su Lac's 'I Love Yous Are for White People'

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CHAPTER 3: A is for Boy and B is for Cat This chapter describes the story a Vietnamese boy Lac Su. His father was a Chinese and now his family is settled in America. Lac Su from the chapter seems to be an extremely sensitive, timid and scared kid who is finding difficulty in settling in such a different culture. This chapter is divided into two parts. The first one describes a horrible situation for the kid when he has to stay alone in the house and take care of his sister as his mother has left the house without telling any reason. Next morning he receives a call from his mother when she informs him about the reason that his father is hospitalized as he was beaten up and robbed by some Mexican thugs. The second part describes Lac's first day in school. He was dressed up in a suit because his father thought that things would work the same way as they do in his home town. Lac was nervous because he knew that he would have to face a lot of taunts from other kids as he was different. Fortunately he finds a kid who looks like him and it makes him feel good. His name is "Phat Bich" but his father had changed it to Johnny as other kids made fun of the name, he also was Vietnamese. They soon become fast friends as they can connect with each other easily. They both have difficulty in learning English language as one scene describes that their English teacher tries to teach him words with alphabets but the two kids are completely clueless. The chapter ends with Lac's satisfaction

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