Summaries of Fifty Shades of Gray, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and Dracula

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The Picture of Dorian Gray The story begins in an artists home in the city of London. The artist, named Basil Howard, is talking with his friend Lord Henry about his newly found inspiration otherwise known as Dorian Gray. They discuss how innocent and handsome he is which of course leads to Lord Henry asking to meet and talk with him. Basil, fearing Henry's potential inluence on Dorian, asks him to leave. As if on some certain que Dorian arrives and meets Lord Henry for the first time. From that point on Lord Henry manages to corrupt Dorian and forever change him to only act upon his own pleasures. Following this Basil completes the portrait of Dorian that he had been working on and presents it to him so that he can take it home for…show more content…
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde The story begins when Mr. Utterson, Dr. Jekyll's lawyer, is on his routine walk with his friend Mr. Enfield. While they are walking they witness this man who (later to be revealed as Mr. Hyde) tramples a little girl. When provoked by an angry crowd Mr. Hyde gives the family of the girl a check written by Dr. Jekyll. Later Mr. Utterson then recieves the news from Dr. Jekyll that Mr. Hyde would recieve his house in the case of his dissapearence or death. Nothing then really happens until the next year. That's when a politician named Sir Danvers Carew was witnessed getting beaten to death by no other than the evil Mr. Hyde. When Mr. Utterson and his company of police go to Mr. Hyde's in search to arrest him he is nowhere to be found. In the meantime Dr. Jekyll is feeling pretty great. He sets up a ton of Gatsby like parties that a lot of people attend including a man named Dr. Lanyon. Until one day both Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Layon both fall ill. Before he dies Dr. Lanyon gives Mr. Utterson a sealed document explaining to him to open it only if Dr. Jekyll dissapears or dies. A few weeks later Dr. Jekyll's butler comes o Mr. Utterson and tells him that he needs to visit Dr. Jekyll because he is really worried about him. They then

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