Summaries of Screening or Assessment Instruments

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Summaries of Screening or Assessment Instruments Instrument One: Zung, WW (1965). Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale. RCMAR Measurment Tools. Retrieved February 12, 2012 from HYPERLINK "" The "Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale" was originally published in 1965. The verion of the scale that I located was free. This is a scale test administered to a depression patient. It consists of 20 items that the patient independently ranks. Items within the scale include phrases such as, "Morning is when I feel best," "I still enjoy sex," and "I feel hope about the future." The test is quick to administer and easy for patients to understand and answer. There are no requirements necessary for the administrator as there is a set scale for scoring the results. In studies, the Zung results were very accurate, perceiving a higher percentage of depressed individuals than the control group study. According to a study conducted by a study conducted by Sharp and Lipsky in 2002, "The mean index score for a group of patients who had gone through a treatment program was significantly lower after the program (0.39) than before (0.74)." Which bodes well for the accuracy of the test in catching truly depressed individuals. During the review, the patient fills out the questionnaire, marking whether the phrase applies to them, "A little of the time," "Some of
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