Summarise The Polices And Procedures Of The Setting Relevant

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Summarise the polices and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young peoples positive behaviour.

All adults who work within in a school environment have a responsibility to themselves and the school to model a high standard of behaviour, both in their dealings with the children and with every other adult within the school as their example of behaviour has a significant influence on the children’s behaviour. Good, strong teamwork between adults will encourage good behaviour in children. All staff must be effectively prepared and supported for their role and receive the appropriate training needed to support the children in their care. A child or young persons need for help and support must be properly co-ordinated
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The school rewards system consists of:

A move ‘up’ the class behaviour chart.
Positive comments written on the pupil’s work.
A visit to a Phase Leader, the deputy head teachers or head teacher.
Class based rewards such as table points, raffle tickets or chance cards.
Presentation of a certificate in the ‘Star of the Week’ assembly.
Presentation of an Ambleside Behaviour Star badge.
Positive review from teacher at Assertive Mentoring meeting.
Awards of stickers, stars or stamps. Favourable comments on the pupil’s annual report. A comment, postcard, phone call or text message to parents. A specific area of responsibility. A special privilege such as ‘Ambleside’s Fine Dining.’
A whole class ‘treat’.
A whole Phase/Year group ‘treat’.
Detention at lunchtime. Isolation at lunchtime.
Placing the pupil ‘on report’ through the use of a Behaviour Passport and weekly reporting to the deputies
Withdrawal of privileges.
After school detention.
Isolation for a part or full day.
Fixed term exclusion.
In extreme cases, permanent exclusion

These types of rewards are intended to increase the motivation in a child and by recognising their success will lead to their good behaviour and a positive work ethic. However, where there is praise there must also be sanctions, this will teach children that unacceptable behaviour will not be accepted. Behaviour that may include; bullying, disrespect to
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