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Summarize During the conference, Professor Angeline shared that she was very satisfied with my project idea. She also believes in the benefits of mentorship in the workplace. She also shared with me some of the concerns she had about my project. She told me that I should think about the financial benefits of the Mentorship Program. Why is it worth their time and money to implement the mentorship program? I have contacted the director of the Internship Pathways Program (IPP) to discuss this matter in more detail. Professor Angeline also brought up a great point about how “not everyone is built to be an educator”. Coming from an education background, I wholeheartedly agree that we cannot assume that all experienced interns will do a good…show more content…
In my Preliminary Topic Memo, I stated that “mentors can also reap the benefits of a Mentorship Program”, but I neglected to explain how that will be possible. While I was first developing the idea of the program, I completely overlooked the fact that not everyone is built to be a mentor. For many of the interns, this will be their first time teaching someone. At my meeting with Ms. Eason, I brought up the idea of a training session for mentors and she was very pleased to see that the program caters towards not only the mentees but also the mentors. She even suggested throwing a pizza party for the mentors to show appreciation and get feedback directly from them. This was an eye-opening moment for me because all this time I had only thought of ways to improve satisfaction rates of the new interns. However, the mentors are also interns as well and Ms. Eason wants to increase the retention rate of all interns, not just the new interns. This realization helped me broaden my perspective and think about how the Mentorship Program can increase the satisfaction rate of all interns, both new and experienced. The Story After talking with Professor Angeline and Ms. Eason, I have come to the conclusion that a Values-in-Action story is most suitable for my proposal. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) is an agency of the United States government that provides timely and

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