Summarize The Immigration Patterns Of Northern And Southern Europe

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1. Summarize the immigration patterns of northern and southern Europe. a. Northerners- British who migrated to the US settled in Virginia and Maryland and they came in as indentured servants. After the independence, their migration the US slow because America didn’t approve of their government. When Scotland suffered a severe economic depression in 1921, about 1.5 million Scots migrated to the US and many were professional and skills laborers. Many Scotch-Irish migrated to the US in the 18th century due to economic depression brought on by textile slump in Ireland. many also migrated due to religious freedom and farming. It is estimated that about 1 billion people from Francs migrated to the US religious persecution and economic opportunity. b. Southern- Italian was the largest group to migrate to the US during the late 19th century and early 20th century follow by the Portuguese and Spanish. More than 5 million Italians from Sicily and poor southern Italian province settle on the east coast in the US. They created their own little town called little Italies due to hostility in America. More than one- quarter people migrated from Spain since 1820 and settle in California, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona Florida and Louisiana. The other half migrated to the Us in the 19th century due to economic depression. 2. Describe the American Majority cultural beliefs regarding health, and the origins of these belief. a. American belief in the maintenance of good diet, plentiful sleep

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