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Summarizing Two Articles Summarizing Two Articles Article 1: The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself: Investigating the Relationship Between Fear of Falling and White-Collar Crime Purpose of Study The purpose of this study is to prove or disprove criminological theories of motivation regarding the commitment of white-collar crime. The study's purpose is to determine what, if any, measurable motivation motivated people who retained white-collar positions to commit white-collar crimes. The primary hypothesis is that this motivation is directly related to a fear of falling or a fear of losing what one has worked hard to obtain. Who or What was Studied White-collar criminals and white-collar crimes are the focus of this particular study. The author also provides a brief history of the research in the area of white-collar criminals and their crimes. Finally, the root causes of the fear of falling are studied. The fear of falling, again, is the primary hypothesis of the author that serves as the primary or at least a common motivation among white-collar criminals. The study of the motivation of white-collar crimes included perceived risks, perceived benefits, the existence of a fear of falling, and the perceived morality of both the criminal and the potential crime. Findings or Discoveries The results of the study show that the fear of falling may not be the primary motivator for the hypothetical white-collar crime (price fixing). The results show that the fear of
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