Summarizing Vs. Mudjacking

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Polyjacking vs Mudjacking in Knoxville, TN When it comes to concrete repair, there are several methods to choose from. We offer polkyjacking and mudjacking to raise sunken concrete back to normal. Both methods use material to lift the slab back in place. So which option is best for permanently leveling foundations, sidewalks, and driveways in Knoxville, TN? Know the diffreences between polyjacking vs. mudjacking so you can permanently restore your slab. Mudjacking - Weighs 100 lbs - Uses multiple trucks and manpower - Suspectible to shrinkage - Requires many large holes - Visible patched holes - Temporary solution - Material washes away and erodes over time Polyjacking - Stabilizes soils and fills voids - Lightweight material
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