Summarizing and Evaluating References of The Brain Difference between Males and Females

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People cannot live alone; men should look for women to be a pair, family needs looking for other family to build community. Therefore, they can help each other and make life easier. What will happen if there is a person who has abnormality like bipolar disorder in community? Does he or she should live alone or be forced to live alone? Every human in this world has equal privileges, one of them is socialization. Belmanaker, R. H. (2004) explains that bipolar disorder I can be made community insecure because they can make violent activity since the sufferers tend to have euphoria or irritable mood, gain sexual activity and aggressive activity. However, it is appears not to be true that bipolar disorder I does not required to live with other in society. Therefore, it is better for them to have supervisor in their activity and government has an important role to set the supervision. In current research, treatment to bipolar disorder seems to be better developed because there are many medicines that can be used to treat the sufferers. Acute mania which is a bipolar disorder that need medical emergency, can be treated effectively by neuroleptic drugs (Belmaker, 2004). This kind of medicine is believed to prevent bipolar disorder to act violently. However, the sufferers might have a companion to supervise or accompany them, so when they forget to consume the medicine, the companion can remind them to consume it. Government…
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