Summary : A Short Chapter : Chapter 1

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greet him at the temple of Enjoin in seven days.”
“Flivio?” Rall laughed, some of the worry disappearing from his brow along with it. “Are you trying to get caught? He tries to impress with that ‘wit’ of his every time he meets someone new.” “Actually, I am trying to bring someone along who can keep up with our charming companion on my right.” Vesperi did not hide her interest. “He must be hung like a craval beast then.” The image of Vesperi with Flivio—with anyone—made Janto incred- ibly uncomfortable, but he refused to acknowledge it, especially with the plain horror on everyone else’s faces. “He’s the only man I know who has a faster tongue than you. Make of that what you will.” Now I’m exchanging lewd barbs with the woman. “You’ll…show more content…
That did the trick. Lord Sellwyn always enjoyed teaching Vesperi her place. What drew Vesperi’s eye so steadfastly was the swordbelt slung over the woman’s waist. She was slight, only an inch or so taller than Janto’s short Wasylim friend, and had ebony hair twisted into a bun. Once everyone had gathered at the stables, Janto had explained that Sar Mertina would accompany them to Wasyla as another armed guard. Vesperi had laughed at first, thinking it a joke. But the laughter died as soon as she saw Mertina’s sword and the assured way the woman kept her hand close to its pommel. It was spellbinding. Vesperi barely noticed when the king arrived, his queen at his side. Her single-minded attention did not shift until he spoke, his voice hushed, as the others secured the bags Serra had packed over their horses and practiced fitting the lace masks over the animals’ ears, latching them around their muzzles. “Janto, you are certain you don’t want to wait until tomorrow eve- ning? It would give us more time to be confident in the preparations.” Janto shook his head. “It would give the claren more time to target our people. And any Meduan spies more time to get word back to Qiltyn that Vesperi travels with us.” Janto’s mother, her hair wrapped in gold and copper threads that glinted in the moonslight, clasped her hands together. “That’s smart, Janto, but your party is so small. We cannot help but worry.” She
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