Summary: Action, Definition, and Plan Design for D2L Learning Management System

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Action Definition and Plan Design for the Desire2Learn (D2L) Learning Management System Overview The orchestration of project costs, risks, time and resource constraints to attain a successful D2L learning management system implementation needs to stay aligned to the original system goals and objectives for the system to deliver value. Two of the most critical aspects of the project plan are the action definition and plan design phases, and they are reviewed here. The ability of a project plan to effectively balance costs, risks, time and most important, user requirements, often determines the success or failure of each implementation (Cleland, 1985). Of specific focus in this analysis are cost and timing constraints, and the critical role that the leaders of information technologies (IT) departments have in the success of the D2L implementation plan. These include the directors and Chief Information Officer (CIO), division staff members who have responsibility for supporting each school from an IT and process management standpoint, in addition to the vendor process engineering and professional services teams. One of the most critical lessons learned so far is how important it is to orchestrate all members of the project team towards a common objective, including their specific information requirements and needs in the process to create a highly collaborative platform. The creation and continual improvement of a highly collaborative project management framework is

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