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Harmony Kelly
Mrs. Barbara Carr
American Sign Language 1
20 October 2015

Alice Cogswell What would you do if you were Deaf and living in America during the early 1800’s and before? Think of how hard it would be to learn when the teachers in the classroom would talk out loud and you couldn’t hear what they were saying. It was very difficult for Deaf students who lived before the 1800’s to get any education. Rich people would send their children across the ocean to Europe where they could attend the Braidwood Academy in Great Britain among other great schools for the Deaf. The many who couldn’t afford it just had to live in silence looking on from the outside. One of the problems besides having trouble getting an education, was that many people misunderstood Deafness. Many people believed that because Deaf people couldn’t hear and usually couldn’t speak, that they also couldn’t think intelligently or reason. Some believed that Deafness was a curse for bad behavior. One young Deaf girl by the name of Alice Cogswell helped to change that thwarted thinking. She motivated and inspired Thomas Gallaudet to study education for Deaf people and then later open the 1st school for the Deaf in America.
In Hartford Connecticut on August 31 1805, Alice Cogswell was born. She was a bright little girl and very intelligent. When she was two years old, she had a severe bout of “spotted fever” which is thought to have been a form of meningitis. Because of that illness, Alice lost her hearing

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