Summary Analyse and Response ' from Fighting Words'

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Bruno Asobo
Instructor Budd
Eng. 111
24 -08-2013
From Fighting Words
In his essay “from Fighting Words” Richard Wright wrote about words used specifically to incite violence. Wright was interesting to discover what was hiding in this written indictment from H.L Mencken that lot readers in that moment disagree. In relation to Wright words can be used as a powerfully weapon. Wright demonstrated that courage is the main factor for using fighting words.
The first suggestion Wright presented was in the bank lobby stood at the counter and took a Memphis Mencken whose was editor of the American Mercury. But Wright was novice about him. The article was a serious blame regarding H.L Mencken.
Wright was concerning about this accusation and
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In spite of the fact that Richard Wright was fighting with the words the concept of racism still affecting young Black Men growning up in the World, so there is nothing can be done because is something differences such as in marriage, place of leaving, school , and churches. As I listed above it is something hard to consume. There is a lot hypocrisy in people position , but with globalization we don’t a choice if not collaborated to
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