Summary And Response : Module 3

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Summary and Response: Module 3
A) Summary of Articles
The three articles we were asked to read discussed personal and professional discord, how to address these value-based conflicts when they occur, and the intersectionality of faith, sexual orientations, and gender overall. These articles all explained what potential viewpoints (personal and professional) could do to the counseling process and what can be done to prevent this (e.g. how to address these value-based conflicts within the counseling setting). Also, these articles explained how being self-reflexive and aware of these conflicts can lead to less occurrences and positive outcomes for your clients.

B) Initial and personal response to articles
My initial response was these articles were good examples of how we can address our own value-based conflicts. Ethical counselors must ensure that they are providing the proper care for their clients and addressing their needs. As counselors we must be aware of the issues that can arise within a diverse population, as the articles eluded to. Once we do so we can move forward with treatment and/or become more competent for this population. Specifically knowing your biases with LGBT population(s) is important as these articles stressed. I liked how they gave us the research behind these bias and what we can do to improve ourselves as counselors. By using the concept of ethical bracketing (EB) and the counselor value-based conflict model (the CVCM) that I discussed in my…

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