Summary And Response : Module 3

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Summary and Response: Module 3 A) Summary of Articles The three articles we were asked to read discussed personal and professional discord, how to address these value-based conflicts when they occur, and the intersectionality of faith, sexual orientations, and gender overall. These articles all explained what potential viewpoints (personal and professional) could do to the counseling process and what can be done to prevent this (e.g. how to address these value-based conflicts within the counseling setting). Also, these articles explained how being self-reflexive and aware of these conflicts can lead to less occurrences and positive outcomes for your clients. B) Initial and personal response to articles My initial response was these…show more content…
like the SOCCS and RFS in the first article) and having to take courses and workshops that are directly related to value-based conflict training(s). Another issue that we can see within these articles is the conceptualization of cultural empathy and what it means to actually be in culturally competent and empathetic. Again further training should be given to ensure competence in this area in conjunction with learning about decision-making models related to incorporating these concepts within counseling practices overall. Also, counselors should try to be more aware of multicultural competencies and need an overall understanding of spiritual and religious practices to be a competent counselor. I believe further training in all of these areas is important and should be implemented by further education and receiving more CE or CEU hours if they already a licensed counselor. D) Relevant ethical codes that can be applied to the articles (please be sure which code of ethics you are citing) and how you would apply such code(s). ACA -A.1.a. – Primary responsibility (counselors will respect the dignity and promote the welfare of clients) -A.4.a. - Avoiding harm (counselors will not harming a client) -A.4.b. – Personal values (counselors are aware of own values and do not impose their values onto a client) -A.7.a. – Advocacy (counselors
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