Summary And Synthesis With Argument Paper

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Prof. S. Steinberg
2I First Draft, Summary & Synthesis with argument Paper
Nov. 1st, 2016 The originate of uncertainty---- How does thin-sliced judgment compose the society of United States & help us think critically?

The thin-sliced judgment, explained most commonly, is the impression we have when we meet someone or experience something impressive. In the article, On the Face of It: The Psychology of Electability, Konnikova said “Those facial cues, in turn may stem from a far more basic impulse, since we respond to those same features as children..” this kind of intuitive reaction is originated from childhood and grows up with all the people, and it is supported by the data that in French parliamentary election. People rate candidates only by their facial creatures and then 72% of the data is corresponding to the actual election result, which is unbelievable for most people. Since the thin-sliced judgment is part of instinct and it is hard for us to change it, it does not limit or stablize our mind but makes us more creative. This kind of statement could be illustrated by several arguments. In Johnson’s article Race-Baiting for the Presidency, it talks about the racism used by the candidates to win the campaign. The statements inside another article , Study: Sexist Insults Hurt Female Politicians by Page, hold the negative points about the treating for women politicians.

In the article of Konnikova, it says “Few people knew that the

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