Summary: Appropriate Data For Intake And Assessment Forms

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With my paper I will be discussing the importance of collecting appropriate data for intake and assessment forms, as well as addresses potential concerns associated with collecting the wrong data.. I have chosen the Case Study Scenario number 1; Belinda. Collecting the appropriate data for the intake and assessment forms is essential to have completed first before any other steps can be taken. If or when these forms are filled out appropriately they will help and provide the professional with an understanding of the client’s background history. This provides the professional with the information necessary to decide exactly what has been tried before in the past, where the client needs to be, and what the client’s main issue is that he or she is dealing with. If these forms are not filled out with the necessary information the professional will not know what is necessary for the client. These intake and assessment forms also provide the client’s contact information and other agency’s the client has been to. The most important step a client must go through before they begin to receive any type of services is the intake evaluation process. The intake evaluation is where the client and the professional will meet to establish the…show more content…
By collecting the wrong data the client will not receive the services that they potentially need to live their everyday life. A human service professional can do a lot more harm to a client by collecting the wrong data. If a client receives services that are unnecessary for he or she and their situation there will be no progress for the client and their problem or situation will have not changed, you will have done no good to the client and may even make the client’s situation or problem
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