Summary : ' Aragon Island '

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Aragon Island I remember that day like it was yesterday. The sound of the wind roaring in my ears as I stood, peering up at the dark, imposing cave. A shiver ran down my spine as if ice had touched it. Even wearing multiple layers of clothes, the cold weather still seemed to have taken over my entire body. The cracked pathway leading to the cave was sprouting weeds. I remember the tight feeling in my stomach as I inched closer to my doom. I sensed even before crossing the doorway that my life would change from that point forward. I am Jonathan Kyriakos, son of King Ulysse of Hippocrates. My story began a week ago when a creature called Nikephoros tried to overpower our land. The day started off just like any other day with me and my best friend, Calix Pericles. Suddenly the people of the kingdom started speeding like a herd of stallions running from a predator. It turned out that they were, in fact, being chased. I was running back to the source of the commotion, when I witnessed a strange, human-like creature with 100 tentacles and 2 heads decapitate my father. The weird thing of all is that he survived; he just lost his body. Once the creature finished beheading my father, he turned around, looking for his next prey. Like before, I started walking but was stopped again by a new figure standing in front of me blocking my path. “You can’t go over there! Unless you want to be killed. You are the only hope that this kingdom has to save them,” she warned. “Who

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