Summary: Are American Businesess Targeting American Youth

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Are American businesess targeting Americas youth?

It would seem this question has been on the tips of our tongues for some time, and still we've yet to come to a definitive answer. In the following paragraphs I will attempt to illustrate a portrait of American advertising and the harmful affects it has on our youth.

Studies have shown that youth specific marketing styles not only could be, but are harmful to children.
These companies make grandeous impressions of how their product will set the owner apart from the less-than-fortunate common goer that may not have deep enough pockets to fit in with the rest of the "Hey, look at me" mindset American businesses are instilling in our youth.

This teaches our children, our future leaders, that quantity trumps quality every time. By exaggerating the worth of said products, these companies create value, this is then viewed by the consumer as a "must have" item while simply over lookimg the flaws it may have. In turn, you're left with a shotty product, and an empty wallet. But hey, at least you look cool, right?

Constantly releasing new products one after the other, bigger and better tech, what does this all mean? It means that we've successfully created a generation of impulse buyers. Citizens that truly, whole-heartedly believe happiness can be bought. That if you've got the latest smart
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Move to children just under twelve years old and that number becomes $28 billion, going further still to teens and that number rises again to $100 billion. Obviously American businesses are esstential to a successful economy, but where do we draw the line? Force feeding children and young adults advertisements that specificially target insecurites and exploit them for financial gain is not only unethical, it's wrong. We should be promoting a healthy lifestyle for our youth instead of chastising them for their materialistic short
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