Summary: Benefits Of Safety Injection

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Benefits of Safety Injection Sites “Typically, someone like myself with the score of dope would come in this alley here to consume it…What happens when I run out of dope is I look for more on the ground (Thefilmfano, 2006).” Globally, around 16 million people inject drugs (World Health Organization, 2015). Injection is a common way for drug addicts to consume drugs; meanwhile, injecting drug users (IDUs) have a higher risk of morbidity and mortality than the general population (Marshall, Milloy, Wood, Montaner & Kerr, 2011, p.1429). In North America overdose is the leading cause of high mortality rate of IDUs. However, since the opening of the first legal supervised injection facility (SIF)—InSite at Vancouver has significantly reduced the…show more content…
In Jozaghi and Adnresen (2013) research one of the participants said “First of all you’ve got a clean, safe place; nobody is gonna bother you or you don’t have people trying to steal from you. You don’t have police coming and hassling you… That’s why people are always hiding from cops and fixing in washrooms or behind dumpster. But then you’re facing over dose ‘cause you might do a bigger whack. But InSite is such a stress free, cop free, disease free, OD free environment that I call it the refugee camp for junkies (p.5).” According to the IDUs, they not only get robbed, they also have the risk of bodily harm or even death. However, InSite has provided safety and security for them and they are willing to do their injection in the site more than the street. This facility does not only benefit the drug users, it is also beneficial for the public community. SIFs also reduce the harms associated with illicit drug use that affect communities. Most IDUs are willing to take their injection inside the site which will decrease drug use on street so the people in the community will not be affected by them. Also, it will have less used needles around since they are not injecting on street which helps the hygiene of the
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