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COMES NOW, the Defendant, Michael A. McNeil, pursuant to Maryland Rule 2-402(e)(1) and this Honorable Court’s Scheduling Order designates the following individual as a potential expert witness to testify at the trial of this matter:
1. Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., who is an expert in Education, specializing in evaluation of educational needs of students; school evaluation; school placement; working with at-risk students. Additionally, Dr. Greenberg has expertise with education of students and school placement of students with special medical or education needs that have Attention Deficit Disorder (with or without hyperactivity), Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Compulsivity, Abusive and Addictive behaviors, Autism, Aspergers, Special Education, Learning Differences,
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The Defendant expects to solicit testimony from Dr. Greenberg testimony concerning Tevia McNeil’s education needs and her recommendations to meet those education needs in order to give Tevia the best chance to complete high school with the skills that she will need to either go onto higher education and/or meet prerequisites for a skilled labor employment so that she will have a fruitful life.
3. Attached is Dr. Greenberg’s report. The Defendant incorporates herein the entirety of her report, which gives her evaluation and findings.
4. Dr. Greenberg findings are base on reviewed Tevia’s school record; application for the Legacy School filled out by the Plaintiff; the Plaintiff’s admissions that her Tevia’s current reading and math capabilities; a telephone interview with Susan Mullin, Tevia’s aunt; a telephone interview with Michael McNeil, Tevia’s father; a review of social media websites that Tevia posted videos, made statements about herself, and posted pictures in order to get to know more about Tevia since she was not available for interview; a review of Tevia’s school options in Maryland; a review of Tevia school options in Washington State; and Dr. Greenberg’s professional expertise and
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