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Summary Columbus Regional Health (n.d.) serves 10 counties in Southeast Indiana. The demographics include a predominantly Caucasian population of approximately 300,000 people (Economic Opportunities through Education by 2015, n.d.). In southeastern Indiana, about 140,000 individuals have employment (Economic Opportunities through Education by 2015, n.d.). Of those individuals, 15% of them, who are over the age of 24, have a bachelor’s degree (Economic Opportunities through Education by 2015, n.d.). Approximately 30% of the high-school students drop out in this mainly rural area with a flat population growth (Economic Opportunities through Education by 2015, n.d.). CRH’s MH unit provides psychiatric services to adults 18 years and older. Most patients have either psychosis or thoughts of hurting themselves or others. Between 2013 and 2014, readmission rates within 30 days on CRH’s MH unit rose slightly more than 2%. Many repeat patients were non-compliant with the prescribed medications. Upon further investigation, nurses realized numerous patients were unable to afford the ordered medicines. The psychiatrist prescribed one particular patient Abilify. Even with health insurance coverage, the person would have to pay $800 for a 30-day supply (N. Gagnon, personal communication, March 23, 2015). Gagnon (personal communication, March 23, 2015) investigated and compiled available resources to decrease the cost of patients’ medications. The Unit Practice Council (UPC)

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