Summary: Community Health Focus Group Flyer

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Focus Group/Flyer Summary As a community health nurse, I would be most interested in a focus group to assist elderly residents in developing emergency and disaster preparedness plans. I choose this population because elderly citizens face great health and safety risks when emergencies and disasters strike (Clark et al., 2003). It is important for health care practitioners to understand the needs of the elderly in the communities they serve (Barratt, 2007). There may be a need to quickly evacuate the local area and elderly residents may lack proper transportation. Some seniors may become confined to their homes in a disaster. Others may not know what to do if they lose services such as water, heat, electricity and basic communication. Proper advance planning can mean the difference between survival and suffering or death. As a public health nurse and community advocate, I believe that my focus group presents great benefit for participants providing access to information regarding local services, resources and strategies and helping elderly residents build support networks that consist of family, neighbors and friends that can work as a team when disaster strikes. Such plans help ensure the health, safety and survival of frail and vulnerable elders in the community. A comprehensive and well-designed community focus group provides a better understanding of local attitudes regarding public health issues and challenges (Clark et al., 2003). I would implement my focus group
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