Summary: Discrimination

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On September 15th, the 11th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a claim in 2014 which allowed employers to discriminate against black hairstyles with emphasis on dread locks. In 2010 a black woman named Chasity Jones was denied employment at a company in Mobile, Alabama because of her dread locks she was approached by a human resource agent and it was explained to her that her chances of being hired at the company would increase if she was to change her hairstyle and once Mrs. Jones reused to abide by the company standards her name was removed from the hiring process. After Mrs. Jones was disqualified from the hiring process due to her hair style she went to court in 2013 but lost the court ruling because the judge stated a hairstyle is a…show more content…
According to Cascio (2016), “law was passed to guarantee that people would be considered for jobs not on the basis of the color of their skin, their religion, their gender, or their national origin, but rather on the basis of the abilities and talents that are necessary to perform a job.” (p.76) So if dreads usually go hand and hand with people of African descent discrimination is occurring based on race. Growing up in a black community I saw firsthand the negative perception or stereotype that people with dreads endured. I one point in my life I wanted to grow dreads because some of my favorite athletes and entertainers had dreads but my mom told me if I can find one successful person with dreads outside of the entertainment industry then I could get them and I searched and searched but couldn’t find one leading individual in corporate America that had dreads. So that goes on to prove that opportunities are not being given to people with this hairstyle because of the negative perception but tattoos are becoming more common in the work place although they were once considered unprofessional and the biker stereotype. This is no longer the case for tattoos so why can’t hire officials or anyone else who feels as though it is ok to discriminate against someone with dreads. Unequal treatment is being given to people with dreads because although they may be qualified for the job it
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