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Cybersecurity Background Summary On June 28, Dow Chemical and DuPont stated provided an update to their much anticipated merger agreement of both companies, which will occur sometime in August 2017 (DuPont, 2017). This will surely prove a challenge as this will be a massive worldwide merger, as both companies employ personnel on a global scale. Not only will it this merger be a personnel challenge, but a challenge for cybersecurity as well. As companies begin to expand, and technology merges more fully into the workspace cybersecurity becomes more of a challenge that must be faced. Computer and cybersecurity go hand in hand in today’s evolving business world; if neither of these things are done well, a business has the potential of…show more content…
When information is initially placed into a user’s computer, it must somehow be routed, and the various layers of the Internet allows for this to occur. One can think of an example of a person sending a package and using the services of a postal carrier to think of how data is carried through on various networks and its levels. The Internet is a wonderful place, but it can also be incredibly scary as it was initially designed to share information and not necessarily to ward against those that would do harm against others. In today’s ever evolving work place, something as simple as network patching can reduce the company’s attack surface up to 70% (Stewart, 2017). Overall, a company must become more proactive in their thought process. It is no longer about the possibility of an attack occurring, but more than likely the ‘when’ of a cyber-attack occurring to a business. In addition to keeping up with patches, a company should have security products installed such as firewalls, anti-virus programs, or anti-malware software in order to block or contain threats if they do get through. Lastly, many cyber incidents start with human error; in tests done by the firm Critical Defense (the firm does post-breach forensic investigations), the executive vice president stated that 75% of the time, “we tricked end-users into doing something they should not have done, like click a malicious link, enter a user

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