Summary: Effects Of Arrest On College Enrollment

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Effects of Arrest on College Enrollment
Widdowson, Alex O., Sonja E. Siennick, and Carter Hay. "The Implications Of Arrest For College Enrollment: An Analysis Of Long-Term Effects And Mediating Mechanisms*." Criminology 54.4 (2016): 621-52. Web.
The United States is a unique place in our world today and one of the remaining true capitalistic countries. Generation after generation in the fifty states have been spoon-fed the idea of the American dream being the main goal to strive for in life. College has become more popular in the past few decades than ever before with more people realizing that it’s nessesary to get a head start on the rest of the field and to begin the journey to the American dream. With a little more than one-quarter of high school
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The theory focused on in this article deals with criminal justice labels and how being arrested at a young age can label you as deviant. This label includes but is not limited to possibilities of damaging relationships with your teachers at school, lead to more time out of school, and even the eventual dropping out from high school entirely due to falling so far behind. Alex, Sonja, and Carter proposed three hypothesis based upon this theory along with previous education research and created an experiment to test them. The first hypothesis predicted that arrest reduces the probability of enrolling in a 4-year college but not a 2-year college immediately after high school. They followed this up with a similar hypothesis stating that arrest reduces enrollment in 4-year colleges in short and long term instances. The final hypothesis stated that young people that are arrested have a reduced likelihood of attending a 4-year universities because the arrest makes them less likely to complete steps to enrollment like the application
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