Summary : ' Elizabethan Era '

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Alchin, L.K. "Elizabethan Era"
e.g. Retrieved May 16 2012 from
Summary: The main purpose of this source was to touch bases on how the diseases such as the black plague and typhoid "started" or continued. They said that the main cause of how it kept on getting transmitted and still going on was because rodents and other insects such as rats lice and fleas kept contaminating everything. But on that subject, they barley where clean this source said. In big towns mostly everything was unsanitary making rodents come and "make home" in, Leaving there pipes and other resources not necessarily clean. Which leads back into the rodents and other animals getting a hold of the deadly illness and taking advantage of what they needed.
Evaluate: The goal of this source was to help the reader understand the environment this era lived in and to see what took place in it. This was a very reliable source because of how it gave me background information in the type of setting the Elizabethan era where in and how it became a hassle to not only stop this disease but too create a more stable living area. In my other sources they do talk about the same thing which i know now that its very objective to there facts.
Reflect: It helped me visualize not only why the black plague and typhoid got worse but how in there time they didn 't have much choice but to cope with what they could make use of. It really shapes my perspective on how it was a struggle to actually be…

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