Summary, Evaluation and Comparson of El Paso, Texas and San Diego, California 2012 Budgets

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Americans are not unfamiliar with the concept of a budget, in fact, most follow a budget on an everyday basis, however, the topic of a public budget can be overwhelming to many them. Although many Americans might have a small concept of how the federal budget works, very few are familiar with their local budget process, and even less familiar to their adopted annual city budget. Every local budget is as unique as the cities who developed them. The following paper will summarize, evaluate, and compare El Paso Texas and San Diego California’s 2012 budgets. It will compare their revenues, expenditures, and budget format. It will attempt to analyze the similarities and differences and determine the causes of such similarities and differences.…show more content…
for 3rd straight year (Borunda, 2013). El Paso also offers a diverse and rich culture, full of history and pride. El Paso is home to University of Texas at El Paso and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso. El Paso has a strong federal and military community. Fort Bliss is one of the largest military facilities of the United States Army and is still growing. El Paso is known as the “Sun City” do to the fact that the sun shines 300 days a year ( - Home, 2013).

San Diego fiscal year begins on July 1st. There are four major players in San Diego Budget process: The Mayor, City Council, the Office of the Office of the Independent Budget Analyst (IBA), and the citizens of San Diego. San Diego city government is a Strong Mayor/ Strong Council form of government. The Mayor manages the City and creates the Proposed Annual Budget. The Mayor and his/her staff is responsible for constructing the proposed annual budget by working with Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and other City Staff. The mayor and his office are responsible for implementing the adopted annual budget and proposing any modifications throughout the year. The Mayor may veto changes made by the Council. The Council’s responsibility is to reviewing the Mayor’s Proposed Annual Budget and contemplates concerns from community through meetings and public
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