Summary : Event / Incident

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Summary of event/incident
A referral had come through from a school nurse for a child who was apparently experiencing dental issues. Mum felt that the grandparents were taking over parenting in a way which she felt was not in the child’s best interests. According to the mother, the grandparents’ controlling behaviour had hindered the mother’s relationship with her child. Consequently, the child was now disobedient and would not take any notice of what mum said, whilst the child was always wanting to stay with the grandparents rather than be around the mother. The mother now felt that she did not have any sort of attachment with her child and, although she will cuddle the child when upset, mum wonders why she has done it.
In contrast, mum has told me that she believes that she has a good bond with her baby. I, however, was doubtful of mum’s understanding of how to ensure the correct ‘attachment’ as I had not observed mum interact in any way with the baby, although I had seen mum tend to some of baby’s immediate needs. As a result, baby looked well cared for; clean, responsive and alert which suggested that the majority of her physical needs were being provided for. My worries, however, were with baby’s psycho-emotional needs as I had not witnessed the baby stimulated in any way by mother. I had seen the father play, feed and cuddle the baby, yet I had only observed mum doing ‘hands-on’ things.
As mum was the principle carer and looked after the baby for the largest
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