Summary: Four Types Of Personal Injury Cases

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4 Types Of Personal Injury Cases Beyond The Slip & Fall When someone thinks of a personal injury lawyer, they immediately think of a slip and fall accident. Personal injury lawyers can help you out in many more situations that go beyond the stereotypical ones. Consider using a layer to help you receive financial compensation in any of these situations. Slander If someone has hurt your reputation at your job or made a false accusation about you, by law it is considered slander. It an offense that can destroy someone’s career, interfere with their family life, and cause various problems in their life. Slander will not only be dealt with in the form of public apology, but by providing compensation that will help deal with emotional suffering and a trashed…show more content…
Salmonella and Listeria can lead to hospitalization, and a restaurant should not be able to get away with sticking you with the big medical bills that can come from it. Food poisoning doesn’t just happen at restaurants though, since it can even happen from food that is bought from your local grocery store. This includes dairy products that were not properly refrigerated, canned goods that have damaged seals, and fresh produce. If a product that you buy has an undeclared allergen or foreign object in it, you can even go after the manufacture that prepared and packaged the food. Family Members of Accident Victim Even if the injury did not happen to yourself, you could still receive compensation from the guilty party. This is common in situations where a family member is killed, and they happen to be the primary wage earner for the family. Compensation can be large enough to cover raising a family on your own. Now that you are aware of how personal injuries are not limited to slip and falls, you’ll contact a personal injury lawyer to help you out in situations such as
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