Summary: Gorilla Harambe

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November 9th, 2016, people all over America wake up, bracing themselves to hear the results of the Presidential Election. A surprise write-in candidate, who could not have been foreseen, had recieved eleven thousand votes the night before. The write-in was none other than dead Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe. On the 28th of May 2016, a 3 yr old child climbed through 4 barriers into gorilla habitat at Cincinatti Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Cincinatti, Ohio. There were 3 gorillas in habitat at the time, 1 male and 2 females. The male gorilla came upon the child and dragged him through moat away from screaming spectators. With a child in the same habitat and in close proximaity to the alpha male of the group, the zoo keepers had no choice ay…show more content…
While this would have been an ideal sinerio, tranquailizers are not as easy to use as the people making th statemnet seem to beleive. On Television when a person or an animal is hit with a tranquilizer dart, they almost immedietly colapse. In reality there would be a cpombination of how long it would take for the zoo keepers to find the rihgt drug, and how long ti would take for the animal to actually be knocked iout. In my personal experience, I got to view a dental procedeure on a gorilla at the Franklin Park Zoo and it took about 8 minutes for the gorilla to be knocked out befroe the team could remove it from the cage. In the mean time, the gorilla was enraged that she had been stuck with a dart and proceded to trhow a huge fit. Tranquilizers would never have been used in an incident like the one with Harambe. Finding a proper drug, getting the gorilla's information, and then measuring the proper doseage alone could have taken up time in which the situation went from Harambe leaning over the child, to getting annoyed and ripping the child's arm off. Then the zoo keepers would have to take into account the time it takes for the drug to get into Harambe's system and actually knock him out. In that time, the 400lb gorilla could trample the child, even unentiontionallt because he just got
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