Summary: Graffiti Should Be Considered An Art

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Past Writing Exploration (Part One) The two pieces I decided to review are my “Are We All Becoming Socialnomics?” paper and my “Graffiti Should Be Considered an Art” paper. Both pieces are final module discussions and moderate in length. (740-1050 words) Starting with “Graffiti Should Be Considered an Art,” I feel like I could have made this assignment a lot better if I had sat down and made an outline. This topic has a good potential for so many different positions and arguments and I had very general opinions included in my writing. I feel that I had good points, but that I expanded on them wrong. If I had used better vocabulary and elaborated on certain parts, the paper would have become a lot better. For example, in my first paragraph I said “’Street art’/Graffiti is a form of art because of the precision painters are using, because of the fact they play off our emotions just as any other artist would, and because they can make something that is old and dying into something new and vibrant.”…show more content…
My best friend is a dog. I don’t need a human for a best friend, I don’t need someone that talks. What I need is someone that feels my emotions and can bond with me. Sam is always there for me during those times when I don’t want to get out of bed and do anything for days in a row, he’ll lay by my side with me until I get better and return to myself again. It’s always Sam that brings me out of the darkness I create for myself and make me want to do the fun things that I do. When I get depressed about something, he will too until my mood returns to normal. It’s as if I’m witnessing myself and it makes me realize how much of an effect I have on him. Sam’s been with me through my toughest times but he’s also been the reason I’ve had some of my greatest moments. I’m so thankful to have been given the opportunity to meet an animal as empathetic as Sam
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