Summary : ' Handout Programing Paradigm ' A Style Of Programing Essay

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Handout Programing paradigm Programing paradigm is a style of programing. Some programing languages may make it easier to write in paradigms, but others won’t. some common paradigms are: Procedural, Object Orientated and Event Driven Programing. (source: Procedural programing: Procedural programing is the standard approach used in traditional computer languages. Procedural programing is a term used to denote the way in which a computer programmer writes program. It creates a step by step program the guides the application through a sequence of instructions. It focuses on processes, data and functions are stored in a separate memory location. (source: Procedural code using visual basic: Module Module1 Dim B As Double = 0 Sub Main() For index = 1 To 5 For a = 1 To 5 B = B + 1 Console.WriteLine(B & ",") Next a Console.WriteLine() Next index Console.ReadLine() End Sub End Module Uses of Procedural Programing: o solving scientific and engineering problems Pros of procedural programing: o good for general purpose programing o good level of control o portable source code Cons of procedural programing: o so many procedural languages o need to be precise o not as efficient o poor at handling fuzzy conditions (source:

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