Summary : ' Hermeneutical Journey '

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Christy Potter-Kass
Hermeneutical Journey Report
Sermon #3 – Advent
Nov. 22, 2016

Mary’s Magnificat

When I decided to preach my third sermon on Mary’s Magnificat, out of the first chapter of Luke, I wasn’t sure it was a very good idea. Not because it didn’t fit the required theme – the Magnificat is about as Advent-focused as you can get – but because since I began preaching on a weekly basis six months ago, I have become comfortable with my chatty exegetical preaching style, in which I explore the scriptures with my congregation in an informal way. Preaching on the Magnificat would make that a bit more difficult to do, particularly in the time frame of ten minutes, but even more so without notes. Alternatively, I considered preaching a sermon on the topic “The Messiness of Christmas” and focusing on the grittiness of the birth narrative and the messiness that often comes with family Christmases today. However, as I always want to try new things with my preaching, I decided to go with the Magnificat. In the style of Anna Carter Florence, I usually prefer to sit with the text and see where it takes me, which is what I did with this. As I read through it, I made a list of some questions that came to mind. Those included:
• What is Mary really saying here? It’s a song of praise, but it isn’t truly a joyful, happy song.
• What can we learn about the socio-political world in which Mary lives by what she says here?
• How can Mary’s words apply to our world today?

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