Summary : Hypothesis And Design Essay

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Summary of Hypothesis and Design From an optimistic Grandmother 's encouragement over the holiday dinner table to famous motivational speakers, we are often told: dream big, imagine yourself frolicking on a sandy beach, taste and smell that elegant burgundy wine; all of these are in the grasp of your hand, if you just dream big and work hard. A general and well-accepted assumption is that positive thinking boosts one 's morale to somehow make one leap into action in rapid pursuit of a goal. The researchers in this study attempt to debunk such widely held beliefs that are seemingly counterintuitive to what we are taught and have learned. The researchers assert that these endorsed self-encouraging and positive fantasies are merely thoughts that work against attaining a fantastic goal. To expect ideal results from certain intentions can become a contributing factor of weakened effort which subsequently leads to negative emotions such as decreased self-esteem, mood disorders, and possibly increased suicidal ideations. The researchers believed that engaging in fantasies or daydreaming about the future can be a risk for the emergence of depressive symptoms over time. They hypothesized that by engaging in such activity, a person 's energy level drops and motivation decreases along with performance and thereby increasing symptoms of depression as measured by widely accepted appraisal instruments. This is a correlation study as it attempts to demonstrate the relationship
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