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In-game username: andrewswift13

Age: 16. My birthday is in May.

Gender: Male

Location and Timezone: Texas, USA| Central

How many staff applications have you made, when was your last application made? Yes, Only Once. It was locked because the format changed I think. It was on June 21, 2014.

How long have you been playing Minecraft? I have been playing since around July 11, 2013.

How long have you been playing on the server? I have been playing since around July of 2013. I didn't get very active until the very end of August.

How active are you on the Server? I was very active and then I stopped being active for a while but now I am back and I play pretty much the whole day. I am usually either on skyblock, hub, or Survival.

During the summer I get on around 11 AM to 1 AM.

During the school year it is very hard due to my busy schedule of Muscial theatre, Homework, Chores, And sometime in the future, A Job.

When I do have time it would be-
Mon-Thurs: 3:00 PM- 9:30 PM
Fri: 3:00 PM- 1 AM
Sat: 9:30 AM- 1AM
Sun: 9:30 AM- 9:30 PM

How active are you on the Forums? I get on maybe 0-5
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Well I have been on the server for a while and I know how everything works. I am very trustworthy and I get along with a lot of people. I have caused some problems in the past but I have matured a lot since then. I apologize to anyone who I may have caused an inconvenience towards. I fell like I have the qualities to hold the responsibility. I apply myself and dedicate myself to everything I do. I am always willing to help and be very open to new suggestions. I love to play on here a lot but I will also use my time to help the community and work with other players to make their experience and my experience on this server fun. This is the only server I play on pretty much and I don't want it to have people who decide to ruin other peoples gameplay. This job also looks like a fun

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