Summary: Improving The Marketing Mix Of HCA

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Table of Contents
Abstract 3
Introduction 3
Selected healthcare establishment and justification of the selection 3
Strategy for improving the marketing mix of HCA 4
Importance of technology to patients 5
Survey for capturing patients’ expectations regarding accessibility and delivery of products and services 6
Conclusion 7
References 8

The paper aims at determining product development practices of Hospital Corporation of America. It starts by evaluating the hospital and justifying the reasons for selecting it as a suitable establishment for analysis. The paper also highlights the current marketing mix of HCA and provides various strategies for improving the marketing mix of the organization. It then examines the importance
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Patients can be able to evaluate the products and services, analyze the health care organizations based on their ratings in terms of certain products and services, compare cost of care for different health care organizations and determine the proximity to these facilities from the patient’s place of residence (Encarnação, 2013). With these quality information, the patient can be able to make an informed decision regarding where to seek services or products, leading to increased patient satisfaction, improved disease management and reduced cost of care for patients. Technology also help patients in assessing health care organizations based on their capability of handling certain diseases well, based on their facilities and ratings which are all available online (Encarnação, 2013). This helps patients in accessing the best possible treatment for their distinct health care needs thus enhancing patients’ quality of lives and disease…show more content…
Currently, the organization believes that it is well positioned in several growing and large markets that can allow the organization an opportunity for generating attractive and long-term growth through exploitation of the market for long-term care and expansion of its presence in the markets (HCA, 2016). HCA plan to focus on recruiting, retaining and collaborating with care providers and adopting attractive services such as oncology, emergency service and cardiology (HCA, 2016). Additional elements of the organization’s growth strategy include expansion of its market share through the development of outpatient access points, urgent care clinics, walk-in clinics, freestanding emergency departments and surgery centers for long-term care and other services. Coupled with the recommended global strategy, the firm can be able to effectively improve its marketing mix and ensure growth and
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