Summary. In This Case Study, We Are Examining The Case

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Summary In this case study, we are examining the case of Giovanni, a very ambitious and talented team leader in Bathurst Bank. The position of HR director in the bank needs to be replaced as Liz, the HR director is going to take her maternity leave. After looking at Giovanni’s assessment, Bathurst Bank’s CEO, Ingrid Sanders decided not to let Giovanni take the position and give him a 10% raise in his salary instead because even though he has done a very good job in his work but he still lack some key skill to be a good leader. Not being appointed to be the new HR director, Giovanni is quite upset and he wants to have another talk with Ingrid to find a different way to get through the problem as he believes that he is capable of taking the…show more content…
Why not? The reason for Giovanni’s dissatisfaction at work Job satisfaction is a very important variable in an organisation as it affects employees’ behaviour and outcomes. (book) There are many factors influencing a person’s job satisfaction such as working condition, motivation and job expectation. Giovanni is experiencing job dissatisfaction for many reasons. Firstly, his expectation of the job in Bathurst Bank is to be appointed to a higher position, in this case is the HR director. Given that the relationship between job expectation and satisfaction is positive (Saleem, Hussain, & Saleem 2012), his working expectation has not been met, so, his satisfaction with the job also decreases. Next, the fact that Giovanni is not chosen to be the new HR director makes him feel like Ingrid failed to notice his talent and contribution to the bank as Ingrid did not make a clear explanation about her decision to Giovanni. Ingrid only focused on how well Giovanni did in his job and compliment him on exceeding his goals but she did not give Giovanni any reasons why she did not let him take on the HR director position and it make Ingrid’s feedback irrelevant to Giovanni in the situation. Through her feedback, Giovanni only sees that he has done a great job but in the end, the outcome is not what he expected. As a consequence, Giovanni thinks that he was not given the position for not being in Bathurst long enough instead of not being skilful enough. Last
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